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10 March, 2016

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'The Guest' is a gloomy adventure full of enigmas where the exploration of your surroundings comes to prominence; puzzles, secrets and riddles will help you discover who has locked you in this somber hotel room and most importantly, why. The moment you play “The Guest” you feel that something special is in it. It’s like if you could smell it in the room.


The Guest started as a student project at university. We knew we didn’t have the full knowledge to build a “big” game so we decided to stay real and be conscious of where our limits were. We built a room, a first person character and it all started right there.

We built a 30 minute game as final project and decided to travel with that demo to a few events in Spain.

Feedback was positive and motivation was at its best. We decided to turn The Guest into a full-length game and go for it. We kept travelling around, showing the game until on one of those trips,in this case Reboot Develop, 505Games got interested in publishing The Guest -- it gave us the chance to grow as developers and to complete the game with the resources it needed.


  • Immersive storytelling. The mood and the feel of the game, and the mysterious background of the Doctor Evgueni Leonov makes the game a unique experience, travelling through the character story and discovering unexpected places that will make you wonder what’s going on there. The sci-fi story behind those enigmatic walls make it even powerful and encouraging for the player to feel things through the gameplay experience.
  • Environment. Set in an unkempt build, in the 80's, 'The Guest' confronts us a dark and mysterious environment, creating a unique bond between the player and the atmosphere.
  • Gameplay experience. Combinig mechanics from the great classic adventures with puzzles and narrative the player will get deeper and deeper into the plot.
  • A quality soundtrack with a calm but hair-raising rhythm will provide endless mystery and suspense.
  • Different puzzles and enigmas to solve, each one of them with its own personality and complexity.


The Guest - Launch Trailer YouTube

The Guest - Mysterious Trailer YouTube

The Guest - Teaser Trailer YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Debut Game, GAMELAB 16" The Guest. Junio, 2016
  • "Game of the Year, REBOOT DEVELOP 15" The Guest. April, 2015
  • "Most Polished Game, MADRID GAMES WEEK" The Guest. October, 2014
  • "Most Voted Indie Game, MADRID GAMES WEEK" The Guest. October, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "The Guest turns your charming hotel stay into a creepy prison escape"
    - Megan Farokhmanesh, Polygon
  • "Creepy first-person adventure The Guest now has a free demo on Steam"
    - Andy Chalk, PCGAMER
  • "You’ll be happy you were a guest in this wonderfully surreal narrative"
    - Christopher Cross, Bagogames
  • "El invitado no deseado"
    - Juan García, IGN

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Team Gotham is a Madrid-based indie studio formed by 5 friends who met at university. Since then they have been crafting detailed experiences in order to express themselves through the game media.

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